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[Announcement] GO RIDE support for COVID-19 infection control

With the spread of COVID-19, we here at GO RIDE thought about how we could help as the world needs the power of a lending hand and mutual help.
Above all, the entire team hopes to save as many lives as possible and to bring an end to this virus as soon as possible.

What we can do

5% of the cost of building a new Shopify store during April 2020 will be donated to healthcare organizations in the form of masks, disinfectant and other supplies.

If you are interested, please contact us here.
We offer free online consultations in LA and Yokohama.
We will report back to you when the donation is complete.

Why we are doing this

We learned through SNS that there is a serious shortage of medical equipment, including masks and protective clothing, in the medical field at present.

We here at GO RIDE would like to contribute and support our medical professionals as much as we can, so we have decided to donate medical equipment to local hospitals.

Toyo Hirashima


In order to prevent infection, we have been moving to remote work in both LA and Yokohama since the middle of February.
Please note that we are meeting our clients strictly through conference calls online.

We are also continuing our recruitment efforts, welcoming and encouraging people to contact us via Wantedly for online interviews. There are some open positions at Yokohama position.

Shopify Official Support

If you’re a business owner who already runs Shopify, or you’re just starting out, here are some resources to help you run your business.

COVID-19 Response

(1) Gift cards can be used for all Shopify plans.
(2) Local pickup and delivery
(3) $200 million in small business funding.
(4) 14 days free trial→90 days
(5) Community Support
(6) Live Webinars

Other blogs related to COVID-19 measures are updated at any time, so please refer to them.

GO RIDE is certified as a Shopify expert.
We will support you through the steps of properly building and managing your ecommerce website/app for the US and Japan markets.

For inquiries or requests for interviews, please click here.

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A Yokohama based account manager with ten years of experience as a manager of both cross-border ecommerce and U.S. domestic ecommerce at a Japanese apparel brand. BA in marketing from a university in U.S. Love cooking🍙